Hello and welcome.  This is a "Finnegan Site", created by the youngest of the generation that started at the tail end of the second decade of the 20th century, Tony, or "Anthony" as I was known until I left school.. 

Updated 14/10/2012.  NB you will need to refresh your screen if you have not visited the site before.

You can see photographs taken in 2006 when Alice and Jim visited London by clicking here.

You can see pictures of my 60th birthday bash by clicking here -

For Christmas 2004 Helen and I decided to do something different and hired a flat owned by a work colleague of mine.  Click here for some photographic memories.

At the last count there were 56 of us in my generation and the next two generations combined, number 55, John Patrick having been born to Clare and Peter just after my 60th birthday celebration (actually on 24 June, the anniversary of Clare and Peter's Wedding) and Amelia having been born to Elsie and Alan on 3 November 2004. 

Here is a photograph of 52 of the then full complement of 53 of us who attended at Roscrea for the interment of  our brother George on 16 November 2002




There are not many photographs of all eight members of my generation so here is a rare glimpse, taken, I believe, the day Matt left home to join the Monastery.


I will now try to create a page for each generation.  Click on the button for some more on my own generation


Five of "the eight" married and were blessed with children who have in recent years been collectively referred to as "the cousins". Click on the button below to see more of them.



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