Here are some pictures taken at my 60th birthday celebration in St Boniface Social Club, Tooting on 26 June 2004. Click on any picture to enlarge it.  Then use the back button to return to this page.



Members of my family  and friends               Me surveying Eugene's                       Eugene putting the finishing             Me declaring open house for food.

 enjoying the  declaration of food                  masterpiece food                                  touches            


Imelda, Mary and me            Helen & Sarah taken           Alice, Jim, Elsie         In the "reserved"corner

                                            by Chrissie                               and Frank                Main Hall


Frank, Steve, Elsie, Beck            Brian, Maureen, John,          Frank, Liz and       Tricia and Frank

and Alice                                    Douglas, Nuala                         Chrissie


Carol, Doreen, Dave            Keith, Tricia, Beck            Keith, Tricia, Marion        Keith, Tricia, Derek

                                            and Brian                                and John                    Beck and Brian


Mrs Sergio, Jean and            Maxine, Gillian, Mike        Tessa, Margaret, Jean    Michael, Max, Paddy

            Sergio                        Nora etc


                                                                                            Beck and Derek